You’re in Big Pharma’s Cross Hairs Again

There’s a good reason if you sometimes feel like you have a target on your back. You do.

Big Pharma put you in their sights back in November 2013. That’s when the latest cholesterol guidelines were published.

The expansion would have added 13 million Americans to those taking statin drugs. Including half the population between 40 and 75. It also called for larger doses of statins in many cases.

That’s not news. But the tactic their allies are using is. It comes right out of the political playbook. They’re using smears and name-calling. Like a recent press article calling opponents of expanded statin use “science deniers.”

This may not sound like much. But it could have serious effects. Because, you see, the smears cover the truth about statins.

They’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Here’s what the mainstream doesn’t want you to know…

What They’re Not Telling You About Cholesterol

First, let me go on record as agreeing very high cholesterol isn’t a good thing. But your doctor probably doesn’t even measure the number that may matter most. And that’s oxidized LDL cholesterol. That’s the real culprit behind plaque build-up.

You doctor may not have discussed your cholesterol ratio, either. And that’s another important number. HDL – or “good” – cholesterol helps clear excess LDL out of your system. So if you have more HDL in relation to LDL, your risk of heart trouble may be lower.

Finally, here’s something I can almost guarantee your doctor hasn’t mentioned. In fact, he probably doesn’t even know it. It’s a percentage…


That’s the percentage of people who had “good” or “ideal” LDL levels in a 2009 study from the University of California, Los Angeles. Why is that meaningful? Because these 136,905 people had all been hospitalized for heart attacks. Healthy LDL levels didn’t protect them.

Of course, the mainstream immediately called for lowering target LDL numbers. But this study isn’t exactly an outlier.

 “Science Deniers”… or “Truth Speakers”?

Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital has a world-class reputation. Doctors there often work hand-in-hand with top scientists from Harvard University.

Apparently, it’s also a breeding ground for “science deniers.” Because two researchers there ran the numbers on the latest cholesterol guidelines… and discovered the calculations are off. Way off.

In fact, they found the calculations could overestimate your heart risk by up to 150%.

Last year, 16 researchers from hospitals and universities around the world reviewed the effects of LDL cholesterol in people over 60. They looked at 16 studies with 68,094 total subjects. Their findings were unpopular in the drug industry.

You see, they found that most adults over 60 with higher LDL cholesterol live as long – or longer – than those with low LDL.

Writing in The World Journal of Cardiology in 2015, two researchers also pointed out, “Often overlooked is the fact that numerous studies of cholesterol lowering have failed to demonstrate a mortality benefit and the benefits of statins may have been overstated.”

Who are these two science deniers? One is a cardiologist at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine. The other teaches medicine at France’s University of Grenoble.

And speaking of overstated benefits, there’s the 2016 review that looked at seven large statin trials. On average, taking statin drugs cut the subjects’ risk of death by 0.49%. And, no, that decimal point isn’t a mistake. Statins, on average boosted survival rates by less than a half-percent.

Should You Take Statin Drugs?

Doctors today seem to be trained to turn to drugs first. Losing a few pounds, exercising more, and eating a healthier diet can lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and more. And these actions come with numerous side benefits.

Foods like garlic and red yeast rice are also proven to lower cholesterol levels. The fact is, you have many natural options… and they work for most people.

If your doctor suggests statins to lower your cholesterol, don’t be afraid to discuss natural options. They’re effective… they can save you a small fortune… and most don’t have the negative side effects linked to statin use.

Side effects? Muscle pain is the most common. But statins also lower your CoQ10 levels, which may harm your mitochondria – the tiny “energy factories” in your cells. And studies have found statin use may also raise your risk of Type II diabetes.

Finally, a study published in Expert Review in Clinical Pharmacology found statins may actually contribute to atherosclerosis and heart failure!

If you’re already taking a statin drug, don’t stop without talking to your doctor. But do discuss your options. After all, why spend money on questionable drugs if you don’t have to?

About the Author: Jason Kennedy is a celebrated investigative health writer and the author of The X-Factor Revolution and Beyond the Blue Zone. With over 10 years of experience working with today’s leading alternative and anti-aging doctors, Jason shares his insider status and access to the latest breakthroughs with thousands of readers from around world.

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