The Alzheimer’s Treatment They Won’t Tell You About

Other than cancer, I can’t think of a diagnosis met with more fear than Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve heard it described as a death sentence for the mind.

There’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease. But there is a treatment that helps. It’s known to slow memory loss… and even bring back lost memories. It protects nerve cells from damage. And it’s even been shown to ease the build up of the plaques linked to Alzheimer’s damage.

But there’s probably not one chance in ten thousand any doctor in the U.S. will mention it to you. Even though study after study has shown it’s effective.

Today, I’ll reveal what that treatment is. And show you some of the research that proves its effectiveness.

Clearer Memory, Healthier Nerves

Huperzia serrata is a moss. It’s small and easy to overlook. But for Alzheimer’s sufferers, it’s the biggest news in a very long time. Because it holds a compound that fights Alzheimer’s disease in several ways.

The compound is Huperzine A – or HupA for short. And HupA is the biggest breakthrough in Alzheimer’s management for a very long time. Except in China.

Use of this moss to boost memory and mental clarity goes back countless generations. And in China, HupA has been a licensed treatment for Alzheimer’s disease for years.

Scientists have tested HupA with several conditions linked to memory problems and brain fog. In every case I’ve seen so far, HupA helps with these cognitive problems.

For example, serious depression can cloud mental clarity. Giving patients with major depressive disorder didn’t clear up their depression… but it did improve their cognitive issues.

The toughest test comes with Alzheimer’s disease. Because Alzheimer’s virtually erases memories and clarity of thought… bit by bit.

Here’s where the really good news comes in.

HupA Attacks Alzheimer’s from Many Angles

I don’t want to get too technical here, but bear with me for a moment.

An enzyme called cholinesterase appears to be closely linked to the advance of Alzheimer’s disease.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter – a chemical that moves messages from one nerve cell to another. Cholinesterase breaks down this messenger molecule. In people with Alzheimer’s disease, blocking the action of cholinesterase eases the advance of the disease.

HupA blocks the action of cholinesterase. So, in that way, it may slow the advance of Alzheimer’s.

HupA also blocks the formation of Beta-amyloid plaques. Beta-amyloid is a protein linked to Alzheimer’s… and many scientists think it’s a main cause of the disease.

Studies also show HupA protects cells from free radical damage linked to Alzheimer’s… and even defends the cells’ mitochondria – the tiny structures that produce all your cells’ energy.

HupA fights one other problem linked to Alzheimer’s. One you probably haven’t heard about.

The Alzheimer’s Path Nobody’s Talking About

Back in 2013, scientists at UCLA – the University of California at Los Angeles – made a shocking discovery.

Alzheimer’s disease may be linked to a common mineral. One you need to stay alive. But one – if you have too much – can destroy your life.

The mineral is iron. And the UCLA team used MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) pictures of brains to show a build-up of iron is closely linked to Alzheimer’s.

Too much iron can lead to free radical damage. And the UCLA study showed an iron build-up in parts of the brain of Alzheimer’s-effected people… but not in similar people without Alzheimer’s disease.

Then, in 2014, a Chinese study showed HupA blocked Beta-amyloid build-up… a build-up of tau proteins (the 2nd protein linked to Alzheimer’s)… and iron build-up.

That’s right. HupA appears to block all three of the most-possible causes of Alzheimer’s disease.

Yet the chances are slim your doctor will ever mention HupA.

The Good News for Alzheimer’s Sufferers… And Those Who Love Them

HupA is a licensed medicine in China. But it isn’t in the U.S.

Here in America, it’s available as a nutritional supplement. And it’s easy to get. Cheap, safe, and remarkably effective, it could be your answer to the question, “How do I deal with this?”

Talk to your doctor – and your pharmacist – about HupA if you or a loved one have had that dreadful diagnosis.

But be ready for your doctor to dismiss HupA without reading any of the literature. If so, seek out a second opinion from a doctor who’s open to alternative treatments. You want a reasoned opinion… not a knee-jerk reaction.

Chances are, HupA can add a 2nd line of defense at a minimal cost. And possibly add years of enjoyment to your life.

HupA is readily available online and at health food stores. Just be sure to choose a brand with a good reputation for purity and potency. After all, it’s your mind that’s at risk here.

About the Author: Jason Kennedy is a celebrated investigative health writer and the author of The X-Factor Revolution and Beyond the Blue Zone. With over 10 years of experience working with today’s leading alternative and anti-aging doctors, Jason shares his insider status and access to the latest breakthroughs with thousands of readers from around world.

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