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Don’t Go Paleo Till You’ve Read This!

The Paleolithic – or “caveman” – diet is remarkably popular. The underlying theory says you’ll be healthier if you eat the way your ancestors did. Because that’s how your body has adapted over some 250,000 years. This seems to make

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Weight Loss Drug: Slimmer, Sexier… and Seriously Sick?

From the beginning, the weight loss drug, orlistat has been controversial. Sold under the trade name “Alli” in the U.S., the drug promotes weight loss by blocking the absorption of fat. And that’s where most of the controversy has hovered.

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Why Exercise Doesn’t Trim Extra Pounds. You May Have to “Trick” Your Body into Dropping Weight

New research from the City University of New York shows why exercising more may not help you lose more weight. Your body adapts to the effort, and you become “stuck” at a certain weight. But a doctor in Florida says

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How Fasting DOUBLES Weight Loss

Today we’ll discover how fasting doubles weight loss.  You see, fasting has huge health benefits. Giving your body a short rest from digesting food allows it to go into detox and repair mode.  It also balances your blood sugar levels

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