Is This the Next Giant Leap Forward in Anti-Aging Science?

In the 1990s, the jungles of Viet Nam astounded scientists. Proof of three previously unknown large mammals came to light. Not prehistoric mammals… but living, breathing creatures – including an ox.

You’d think it would be hard to miss an ox… but this shows just how much modern science still has to discover.

Such as a newly discovered organ in the human body.

A new organ? Yes… some scientists are calling this recent discovery an organ. And it’s not just an organ, it may be the largest organ you have. Your skin makes up almost 16% of your body. But this new organ may make up a full fifth – 20%.

And it may be an anti-aging breakthrough on the lines of resveratrol. Or even better.

How did doctors miss this organ for so long? And why is it so important? Here’s the scoop…

The Organ Doctors Missed

Most organs take up a very specific space in your body. For example, your liver, heart, and stomach are in the same place as everyone else’s. And these organs are pretty hard to miss. They’re big chunks of tissue, clearly separate from other tissues.

Your skin is so big and widespread, it’s hard to miss, too. Especially since it covers the outside of your body.

But try to imagine an organ that disappears under normal observation. That’s the problem with this new organ. It becomes almost invisible when doctors use ordinary observation methods.

It’s called the interstitium. Until recently, scientists hadn’t ever seen it – even under a microscope.

You see, doctors usually take a small “slice” of tissue, put it on a slide, and then view it under a microscope. But this process makes the interstitium almost invisible. Because it’s unlike any other organ.

The interstitium is a complex pathway of fluid between cells. It’s supported by lattice-works of the structural protein collagen.

When doctors create microscope slides, the fluid typically drains off, leaving virtually no evidence of its existence.

So, for generations, nobody realized the interstitium was even there. Until a team from New York University (NYU) made “live” observations. Newly developed technology allowed the NYU team to observe cells as never before.

And that’s when they saw the interstitium.

“Live” observation of this dynamic system revealed its existence. And showed it may play a key role in anti-aging.

The Interstitium and Anti-Aging

Whether or not you consider it an organ, the interstitium appears to play a key role in anti-aging.

Its secret is a type of cell called “Interstitial Progenitor Cells” (PICs). These cells can help fight the effects of aging in many ways.

For instance, doctors from King’s College London found these cells have many of the qualities of stem cells. Your body can clone them… they can mature into different types of cells… and – even though they’re extremely changeable – they’re highly resistant to cancer.

Doctors have so far discovered PICs can mature into two types of muscle and into endothelial cells. (The endothelium is a layer of cells lining your lymphatic and circulatory systems. This layer releases nitric oxide – the gas that keeps your arteries flexible.)

So the interstitium may be the main source of renewal for key parts of your body – such as blood vessels and muscles. And having a fresh supply of “young” cells could help you stay more youthful longer.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your interstitium healthy. Lucky for you, it’s now easy.

The Nourishment Your Interstitium Needs From a Trusted Source

For more than 20 years, Dr. Al Sears has been on the cutting edge of anti-aging medicine. His PACE fitness system led the way in getting more benefit from less exercise. He’s been a featured speaker at anti-aging seminars around the world. And he’s pioneered research into anti-aging herbs.

Now he’s introduced a daily multi-vitamin/mineral formula designed to support a healthy interstitium. Of course, he’s included key nutrients for general health. But PrimalX is specially balanced to deliver nutrients to promote interstitial health.

Nutrients like collagen, grape seed extract, and bone marrow.

Plus lutein and zeaxanthin for eye health… Vitamin K2 and boron to support strong bones… iodine for a healthy metabolism… and tocotrienols – antioxidant forms of vitamin E rarely found in a Western diet.

PrimalX delivers all the nutrients you’d expect from a daily. Like vitamins A, C and D. Minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and selenium. And more than 100% of your daily need for all the major B vitamins.

You may already take a daily multivitamin. But is it balanced to nourish the largest organ in your body? An organ that supplies key cells to fight the effects of aging?

If you’re not taking PrimalX, the answer is “no.”

Click here to discover why PrimalX is the most advanced anti-aging daily formula available.

About the Author: Jason Kennedy is a celebrated investigative health writer and the author of The X-Factor Revolution and Beyond the Blue Zone. With over 10 years of experience working with today’s leading alternative and anti-aging doctors, Jason shares his insider status and access to the latest breakthroughs with thousands of readers from around world.

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