How I’m Overcoming Heavy Metal Poisoning

After having high blood pressure and kidney trouble for over two years, I may have FINALLY found the cause — Heavy metal poisoning.

I write articles about this all the time… but I never realized it would affect me personally.

And when it did I was stunned.

Today, I’ll show you my own surprising test results and how toxins like mercury, lead and other heavy metals may cause you problems, regardless of where you live, how old you are or what kind of food you eat.

I’ll also show you how I’m dealing with it and what you can do to pull these disease-causing toxins out of your body for good.

How On Earth Did I Get So Much
Lead and Mercury in My Blood?

When my doctor asked me if I had even been tested for heavy metals in my blood, I said “no.” Truth is, I never thought it would be something I had to worry about.

And yes, I’ve written dozens of articles over the years about the dangers of heavy metals and how common they are in our modern world.

But I never thought it would happen to me. After all, I grew up in the suburbs. I never lived next to a factory, or anywhere even remotely dangerous. But something was causing my high blood pressure and kidney disfunction and I desperately needed to find out what it was.

So I took home a testing kit and got started. The first thing you do is fill up a big plastic bottle with urine. The lab tests it for over a dozen heavy metals and those numbers are your baseline.

Then you take an oral chelation nutrient called DMSA. This binds to the metals in your blood and pulls them out of your body.

Then for the next six hours you collect your second urine sample. And it’s the second sample that measures how much heavy metals come out of your body after taking the DMSA.

When the test results came back, I nearly cried… part of it was shock and part of it was relief. Was this the real cause of my problems?

The graph on the paper showed my level of lead was well into the danger zone… a full 1,000% higher than what is considered safe. My mercury levels were 250% higher than what is considered safe.

“How on Earth did I get all that lead in my blood?”

My doctor said it could have happened during childhood. Lead-based paints were legal until 1978 and even if you don’t ingest the paint chips, you can inhale lead through the dust.

Corroded lead pipes were another source of lead poisoning, she told me… And I quickly realized the house I grew up in was built in the early 1950s. That could have been it.

Truth is, I don’t really know for sure.

But a week after taking the DMSA, my blood pressure started coming down. That’s a good sign. Now I’m on a course of DMSA for 10 weeks. We’ll do more testing after that.

Even if you don’t think heavy metal poisoning could happen to you, it can.

Remember the letter I wrote you a few weeks ago? I told you about a study on the cord blood of newborns. They detected over 200 chemicals and heavy metals in the blood of babies who had not even taken their first breath.

In today’s world we’re all at risk.

But there are ways to get these poisons out of your blood.

What is DMSA and How Do I Take It?

Some of the more common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are frequent headaches, nasal congestion, depression, anxiety and joint pain.

That makes perfect sense to me. I’ve suffered from 4 out of 5 of those symptoms my whole life. And strangely enough, one of the first things I noticed after taking the DMSA was a calm, peacefulness… on that first day, some of my anxiety just dried up and disappeared.

The full name of DMSA is Meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid. It was approved by the FDA in the 1960s for the by the FDA for the removal (chelation) of heavy metals.

You don’t need a prescription for it, but I strongly recommend you talk to your doctor before trying it. If your doctor is unwilling to assist you (and you need to be prepared for that) you can buy kits on the Internet. They cost around $125 to $150 and you can send in your urine samples to be tested by their labs.

Getting a proper test is important. You need to compare the “before” and “after.” If you don’t know what your baseline is, measuring what comes out of you will not give you the full picture.

You can take DMSA without the testing, and you will probably start to feel better, but then you will never know how badly you were contaminated to begin with.

It’s best to take it slow and get lab results.

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