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Is This the Next Giant Leap Forward in Anti-Aging Science?

In the 1990s, the jungles of Viet Nam astounded scientists. Proof of three previously unknown large mammals came to light. Not prehistoric mammals… but living, breathing creatures – including an ox. You’d think it would be hard to miss an

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An Easy Way to Cut Your Risk of Decline… and Death

A 2015 study in JAMA Neurology found older Americans aren’t getting the vitamin D they need. In fact, fully 61.3% weren’t getting enough vitamin D.  The numbers from this study are very similar to others I’ve seen. That means if

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Nature’s Overlooked “Miracle Cure”

Cutting through the alternative health hype is a full-time job these days. It seems like a new fad crops up almost every week. And the only thing they have in common is not living up to the hype. Well here’s

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How Modern Medicine Helped Reverse Health Gains By 100 Years

One hundred years ago, modern medical practice was barely in its infancy. Patent medicines – aka “snake oil” – were all the rage. Kerosene and radium treatments were common. And cigarettes were considered a good way to ease stress. We’ve

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Building Your “Bullet Proof” Body: A Simple Anti-Cancer Secret

In response to my recent article on vitamin C, R.F. had a suggestion. Tell your readers, R.F. urged, about liposomal vitamin C. It’s an excellent suggestion… and one I’ll attempt to do justice today. First, what is “liposomal” vitamin C,

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5 Surprising Benefits of Vitamin C

Not too long ago, a popular television and Internet personality “busted the myth” of vitamin use. He claimed Americans take vitamin supplements because Linus Pauling popularized vitamin C as a cure for the common cold. And Pauling was wrong. Therefore,

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A Stunning Discovery…

This is a stunning discovery… Over 75 years ago, an American doctor identified a mysterious nutrient responsible for perfect teeth, unbelievable physical strength, and strong, lean bodies… while dramatically lowering the risk for chronic, life-threatening diseases. At the time, this

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How to Reduce Radiation with Spirulina

What gets your vote for the healthiest food in the world?  Well, the AARP came up with a list, and their number one food to extend your life is actually a bacteria.  It’s the same bacteria that NASA gives the

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Turmeric and Pain Relief

For more than 6,000 years, traditional healers have relied on one natural pain remedy above all others. It’s so safe and effective that modern medicine has never been able to come up with a better formula for relief of the

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Powerful Minerals to Promote Prostate Health

Prostate cancer cuts men down in their prime. Consider this: prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the U.S. And 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. But

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