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This Common Medical Practice Destroys Arthritic Joints

Doctors have been injecting steroids into arthritic joints for years. Most of mainstream medicine treats these injections as just another tool to ease the pain of arthritis. But steroid injections have a dark side. To begin with, they’re not as

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Don’t Get Caught In This $765 Billion Healthcare Boondoggle

Here in the U.S., we spent $2.5 trillion on healthcare in 2009. Would you like to know how much of it was wasted? According to the Institute of Medicine – one of the National Academies of Sciences – waste accounts

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The Shocking Truth About Drug Safety

What if every third item in your local grocery store could make you sick? Would you be comfortable shopping there? And what if it were every third item in every grocery store? Well, that’s sort the situation we have. Except

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How to Save Up to 85% on Your Prescriptions

In the past, I’ve warned you about drug company payoffs to doctors. But new research shows the problem may be far worse than we once thought. About half of all doctors in the U.S. accept some form of payoff from

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An Easy Way to Cut Your Risk of Decline… and Death

A 2015 study in JAMA Neurology found older Americans aren’t getting the vitamin D they need. In fact, fully 61.3% weren’t getting enough vitamin D.  The numbers from this study are very similar to others I’ve seen. That means if

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How Drug Makers Hold You – and Your Kids – Hostage

In certain parts of the world, kidnapping is big businesses. Crooks target members of wealthy families – or those with relatives in wealthy countries. Then they make a simple demand: Pay up or they die. Here in the U.S., we

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Reverse Aging With Less Exercise

If you ask your doctor how to fight the effects of aging, chances are good exercise will be near the top of their list. They’ll also probably tell you cardio or aerobics are the best ways to exercise. That’s great

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When Health Experts Get It Wrong… And They Do

A lot of what the so-called “experts” have told you about nutrition is wrong. Take trans fats, for instance. Back in the early 1980s, coconut oil was in practically everything. It was cheap, easy to use, and the foods it

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These “Healthy” Foods May Be Killing You

“Eating right” can be a minefield. One day, a food is good. The next, it’s a killer. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just unmasked a few unexpected killers. The new report looks

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How To Avoid Dying in the Hospital

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing. But an awful lot of people die in – or shortly after leaving – the hospital. But what if you could cut your risk of becoming a mortality statistic? You can. In

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