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The Big, Fat Supplement Lie

I know a guy – we’ll call him Bob – was having some stomach issues. He was rushed to the hospital with pain that radiated from his abdomen to his kidneys and back. The ER staff feared a heart attack.

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The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight…

“Oh, Lord!” you may be thinking. “Not another stupid weight-loss gimmick.” Don’t worry. I’m not into gimmicks. No points… no shakes… no fad diets. Just one easy way to get around a roadblock your body puts up to avoid weight

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Almost No One Over 65 Should Take These Drugs…

Just a few months ago, I warned you about a class of drugs called benzodiazepines – or BNZs. BNZs are a type of sedative, anti-anxiety drug often used to “calm” Alzheimer’s patients. At the time, I pointed out several studies

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When “Proof” Is Pure BS – Deception and Fraud Appear Rampant in Published Studies

You or a loved one are sick. A new drug shows promise for treating your condition. But it’s fairly new. Is this drug effective? Safe? Proven? Our system of studies and trials should answer these questions. But a growing body

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How Medical Tourism Could Become a Date With Death

Healthcare costs in the U.S. have spiraled out of control. Medical-related bankruptcies have become common… and there’s no end in sight. No wonder more and more people seek healthcare options overseas. Medical tourism can seem like a dream come true.

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5 Simply Tricks to a Longer, Healthier Life

“Live fast, die young, have a good-looking corpse.” – Novelist Willard Motley (1947) Chances are, you couldn’t agree less with the sentiment of Motley’s famous line. You may want to “live fast” and even “have a good-looking corpse,” but dying

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Why You Should Stop Fearing Fat

Baby Boomers have seen a lot of changes in their lives. Digital photography… cell phones… heart transplants. None of these existed when Boomers were born. Our diets have changed, too. TV dinners were popular when most Boomers were young. Instant

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The Scandinavian Secret For a Longer, Healthier Life

Most Americans don’t know a lot about Finland. This small Scandinavian nation usually flies under our radar. But Finland has more than a few claims to fame. Take Paavo Nurmi, for instance. Nurmi was known as “the Flying Finn.” He

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Can You Eat Your Way to Happiness?

I’m sure you know what you eat is important to your health. You’ve probably heard that sugar is poison to your body. (It is.) That carbs make you fat. (They do.) And that the Standard American Diet promotes inflammation and

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“Life Saving” Medicine is the #3 Cause of Death in the U.S.

In the classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life, a young George Bailey saves two lives. He saves his brother from drowning. And he saves an innocent person from being poisoned. Mr. Gower, the town’s druggist receives bad news, gets drunk,

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