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How Did This Woman Lose 110 Pounds?

My friend and colleague, Alexandra Bradford was personally able to lose over 110 pounds and take her life back into her hands — thanks to the power of this special extract derived from a potent natural healing fat. Until now,

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The Dark Underbelly of Medical Tourism

In 2013, doctors in Maryland sent disturbing news to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Two patients had come down with raging infections from bacteria that didn’t respond to normal treatment. When the CDC investigated, they found a

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Hidden Danger of Antibiotics

Antibiotics can be miraculous. They’ve saved countless lives. They’ve made once-deadly diseases manageable… But they’ve also made millions of people sick and unhealthy. Antibiotic misuse is a problem I’ve brought up before. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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The Childhood Disease That’s Putting Thousands of Adults at Risk

In January 2015, Disneyland made the national news. And that news wasn’t good. An outbreak of measles was traced back to the amusement park. A single infected guest arrived at the park. Within weeks, scores of cases were reported. Not

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Is This America’s Real Drug Abuse Problem?

The U.S. has the highest imprisonment rate in the world. More than seven of every 1,000 Americans are behind bars. That’s more than 30% higher than Cuba… over 40% higher than Russia… and more than double the rate in Belarus.

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5 Breakthroughs for a Longer, Healthier Life

The old cliché says, “A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” It’s overused… but it’s true. Today, I’ll share not one, but five steps that can make your life better. And maybe even longer. They’re all small

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Are Nursing Homes Killing Your Parents for Convenience Sake?

The recent deaths of eight residents of a Hollywood (FL) nursing home left relatives – and much of America – shaken. In the aftermath, a long list of the home’s failures emerged. Sadly, its spotty record is all too common.

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What You Must Know Before You Cut Carbs

A large new study has just confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: Mainstream medicine’s diet advice is largely bunk. I recently wrote to you about how saturated fats aren’t the main culprits in heart disease… sugar is. Now this

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This Dirty Drug Secret Plays Russian Roulette With Your Health

Imagine for a moment you need a car. You have a certain model in mind. It’s absolutely perfect: price, performance, and features. But the dealer only has one in stock… and it has no windshield. “Look,” the salesman says, “buy

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You’re in Big Pharma’s Cross Hairs Again

There’s a good reason if you sometimes feel like you have a target on your back. You do. Big Pharma put you in their sights back in November 2013. That’s when the latest cholesterol guidelines were published. The expansion would

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