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Weight Loss Drug: Slimmer, Sexier… and Seriously Sick?

From the beginning, the weight loss drug, orlistat has been controversial. Sold under the trade name “Alli” in the U.S., the drug promotes weight loss by blocking the absorption of fat. And that’s where most of the controversy has hovered.

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This Top-10 Drug Is Over-Prescribed and Rife With Danger

If you believe the ads, PPIs – proton pump inhibitors – are God’s answer to heartburn. Pick up a pack at the drugstore, and you’ll never suffer again. Eat and drink what you want… when you want… and just pop

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A Brain-Boosting Secret Most Doctors Don’t Know

Chances are your doctor knows yogurt helps when you take an antibiotic. Eating yogurt can ease – or eliminate – the diarrhea that often results from antibiotic use. Your doctor may even know the probiotics in yogurt boost immune health.

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Avoiding The Hidden Sugar Trap

Chances are, you know sugar isn’t your friend. In small amounts – and from natural sources – sugar is fine. But your body simply isn’t designed to handle the added sugars in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Even worse, now

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How Fasting DOUBLES Weight Loss

Today we’ll discover how fasting doubles weight loss.  You see, fasting has huge health benefits. Giving your body a short rest from digesting food allows it to go into detox and repair mode.  It also balances your blood sugar levels

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Beet Juice Benefits Athletic Performance

Today I’ll share a little secret that elite athletes use to get a jumpstart on the competition. And it has nothing to do with steroids. In fact, you’ll find beet juice benefits very interesting and surprising. The Sochi Winter Olympics

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Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

Recently I told you about the benefits of digestive enzymes…. how they help you eliminate heartburn, gas, bloating and constipation. That’s a good reason to take a digestive enzyme with every meal.  But today I want to give you more

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Digestive Enzymes – Did cavemen get constipated?

If you lived on this planet thousands of years ago, life was full of hardship. Even if you were a successful hunter, running out of food was always a threat. But there were a few things you could be thankful

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Heavy Metals in Your Rice, Too?

You expect to find heavy metals like mercury in your fish. That’s common knowledge. But are heavy metals creeping into other foods as well? A new study by Consumer Reports recently found that brown rice – a staple in the

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Why You Want a Fat Brain

The story is all over the news this week… headlines are sounding off that a new study finds  “Eating lots of carbs causes mental decline” and “High carb diet means cognitive impairment.” But while it’s good to know that eating

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