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When Health Experts Get It Wrong… And They Do

A lot of what the so-called “experts” have told you about nutrition is wrong. Take trans fats, for instance. Back in the early 1980s, coconut oil was in practically everything. It was cheap, easy to use, and the foods it

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These “Healthy” Foods May Be Killing You

“Eating right” can be a minefield. One day, a food is good. The next, it’s a killer. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just unmasked a few unexpected killers. The new report looks

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A Simply Way To Save Your Bones

As a Discovery Health Report reader, you probably know that inflammation is linked to many of the so-called “diseases of aging.” Your risk of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease – and many more – skyrockets in the presence of inflammation. Similarly,

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When It Comes to Weight Loss, “Zero” Doesn’t Always Mean Zero

I’m not a fan of fad diets. They’re usually tailor-made to lighten your wallet more than you frame. And some can come across as downright deceptive. That’s the way the latest diet fad – the so-called “zero sugar” diet –

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Nature’s Overlooked “Miracle Cure”

Cutting through the alternative health hype is a full-time job these days. It seems like a new fad crops up almost every week. And the only thing they have in common is not living up to the hype. Well here’s

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Can You Burn More Fat By Eating More Fat?

Twenty-five or 30 years ago – at the height of the low-fat era – a “crazy” diet captured people’s imaginations. This radical diet said you could burn more fat and lose more weight by eating more fat. The “ketogenic” diet

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Don’t Go Paleo Till You’ve Read This!

The Paleolithic – or “caveman” – diet is remarkably popular. The underlying theory says you’ll be healthier if you eat the way your ancestors did. Because that’s how your body has adapted over some 250,000 years. This seems to make

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Weight Loss Drug: Slimmer, Sexier… and Seriously Sick?

From the beginning, the weight loss drug, orlistat has been controversial. Sold under the trade name “Alli” in the U.S., the drug promotes weight loss by blocking the absorption of fat. And that’s where most of the controversy has hovered.

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This Top-10 Drug Is Over-Prescribed and Rife With Danger

If you believe the ads, PPIs – proton pump inhibitors – are God’s answer to heartburn. Pick up a pack at the drugstore, and you’ll never suffer again. Eat and drink what you want… when you want… and just pop

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A Brain-Boosting Secret Most Doctors Don’t Know

Chances are your doctor knows yogurt helps when you take an antibiotic. Eating yogurt can ease – or eliminate – the diarrhea that often results from antibiotic use. Your doctor may even know the probiotics in yogurt boost immune health.

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