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You Are Not Roundup® Ready?

Fears and Facts About the World’s Most Common Herbicide Recently, a “news” website dredged up a 5-year-old report on the herbicide glyphosate. Or, as it’s better known, Roundup®. The report found links between glyphosate and many human health issues. Especially

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Pointless Medical Tests May Be Sucking You Dry… And Putting Your Life at Risk!

The news came like a gut-punch. Americans are spending $200 billion every year for unnecessary medical tests and treatments. And it’s not just hitting us in the wallet. Because these pointless procedures lead to an avoidable 30,000 deaths each year!

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Does New Study Really Show a Low-Carb Diet Is Deadly?

The headline says it all: “Low carbohydrate diets are unsafe and should be avoided.” According to new research from Poland, following a low-carb diet raises your risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Plus, a low-carb lifestyle boosts your risk

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Even Worse Than Your Worst Health Nightmare

We fear a handful of diseases more than others. And rightfully so. Diseases like osteoporosis. Many sufferers – especially women – don’t realize they have it until they begin to shrink… or develop the so-called “widow’s hump.” Osteoporosis leaves you

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3 Secrets to a Longer, More Active Life

In terms of longevity, the world saw two milestones in July 2018. Chiyo Miyako, the world’s oldest woman passed away at 117. And the world’s oldest man, Masazo Nonaka, celebrated his 113th birthday. As you may have guessed by the

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Even “Trusted Sources” May Put Your Health at Risk

The lie reared its ugly head again. As the U.S. celebrated National Tequila Day, “news” outlets fell all over themselves to remind us that drinking tequila may be a great way to lose weight. Seriously. Britain’s Independent ran with the

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23andEverybody… Your Genetic Data May Screw You

The company calls itself “23andMe.” It’s a reference to the 23 pairs of chromosomes that express your unique genetic make-up. More than 5 million people have sent their genetic material for analysis. 80% of them say the company can share

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Are You a Victim of Unnecessary Surgery? It’s More Common than You Think

The old adage says, “To a man with a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail.” It’s an amusing observation… until you apply it to surgery. The latest evidence suggests surgeons see the world very much like that man

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More Than 1 in 3 Americans at Risk of Medically Induced Depression

Next time you’re in a group of people, look at the person to your right. Then look at the person on your left. Chances are at least one of you is at risk of depression. Depression caused by prescription drugs

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Your Tap Water Probably Isn’t as Safe as You Think

It’s an article of faith here in the U.S. We have some of the cleanest tap water in the world. If you have your own well, it’s up to you to have the water tested regularly. But if you’re part

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