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Can Caring for Your Teeth Save Your Heart?

Our goal here at Discovery Health Publishing is to deliver answers to the questions that most concern you – our readers. For example, I recently answered a question readers had about herbs for menopause. Another reader recently contacted me about

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A Stunning Discovery…

This is a stunning discovery… Over 75 years ago, an American doctor identified a mysterious nutrient responsible for perfect teeth, unbelievable physical strength, and strong, lean bodies… while dramatically lowering the risk for chronic, life-threatening diseases. At the time, this

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Would You Brush Your Teeth With Rat Poison?

Fluoride was the standard way to kill rats for over 40 years. Fluoride used to be a key ingredient in rat poison, and it’s still used in some pesticides. Yet we use it to “protect” our teeth. From the time

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Fluoride and Teeth: Toxic Waste In Your Mouth

Everyone “knows” fluoride and teeth go together. And fluoride is good for you teeth. Your dentist says so. The government says so. It must be true. Of course, once upon a time, everyone “knew” the earth was flat… that the

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