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The Awful Price of a Good Night’s Sleep

The 2016 election season delivered plenty of surprises. Winners and losers aside, there’s one surprise nobody saw coming. Doctors across the country reported a jump in the number of patients complaining of stress. The American Psychological Association reports more than

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Beat Depression… Without Drugs’ Side Effects

More than 6% of Americans suffer with depression. But only 1 in 5 of them ever receives treatment. One reason may be the side effects of antidepressant drugs. These drugs can leave you sluggish, dizzy, or sleepless. They can blur

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The Dirty Truth About Caffeine

It almost reads like a story from the satirical website The Onion. A U.S. Senator calls for an FDA investigation into… peanut butter. But don’t laugh. This is dead serious. It points to a growing threat to your health. Because

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DHEA and Natural Stress Management Tips

Ever felt like your anxiety, worry, irritation and nagging fatigue just won’t go away? That feeling of being “overwhelmed” is often due to the overtaxing of your adrenal glands. But you don’t need drugs to overcome low energy and constant

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Detox for Health 287 Chemicals and Toxins Found in Your Body

There’s a story you need to know about… It has to do with a detox for health. It’s something I discovered back in 2005, but it’s still very relevant. And it could be the source of crippling illness or disease. 

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Ways To Relieve Stress Using an Ancient Chinese Remedy?

With the hectic pace of life you’re always on the lookout for safe and effective ways to relieve stress. Constant stress can lead to headaches, sleepless nights and stomach trouble. It can also make you fat. A rise in stress

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Wild Flower Delivers Big Claim

When Europeans came to the New World over 500 years ago, the passionflower was already a well-established crop. Passionflowers provided many native cultures with food and medicine. Spanish explorers first reported seeing the plant in 1569. William Strachy, one of

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