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MEN: 5 Little-Known Testosterone Secrets…

Testosterone – or T – is often called “the male hormone.” It’s the surge in T that triggers a boy’s transformation into a man. Puberty brings changes to muscles, body hair, voice, and – ahem – package size that signal

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Natural Menopause Solutions: Have We Got It All Wrong?

Not long ago, a reader of a certain age contacted me with a problem. She’d begun suffering hot flashes and night sweats. With the cancer connection, she didn’t want to consider hormone replacement therapy. But she was overwhelmed by conflicting

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Food Safety: Replacing One Poison With Another

Removing cancer-causing chemicals from where they could harm you is a good thing. Replacing them with other cancer-causing chemicals isn’t. But that’s exactly what appears to have happened. And there’s a very good chance it affects you and your family,

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Shield Yourself Against Heavy Metals

It’s in skin-lightening creams, amalgam fillings, even high fructose corn syrup… they use it in batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and even some jewelry. Mercury is poisonous, working by destroying your antioxidant defenses. Yet it’s in so many everyday things it

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Hormones and Weight Gain – Boost Your Fat Burning Hormone

Hormone balance is what makes weight loss so easy when you’re young. And hormones and weight gain are a part of getting older. Or are they? Let me explain. Soldiers on the Great Wall of China had a remarkable way

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