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Aspartame is NOT Safe… and It’s NOT Natural

I’ve spent years as a medical researcher and worked side by side with some of the best alternative health doctors in the country. I’ve written dozens of articles on this one thing alone, and yet I still can’t convince my

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Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

Recently I told you about the benefits of digestive enzymes…. how they help you eliminate heartburn, gas, bloating and constipation. That’s a good reason to take a digestive enzyme with every meal.  But today I want to give you more

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Digestive Enzymes – Did cavemen get constipated?

If you lived on this planet thousands of years ago, life was full of hardship. Even if you were a successful hunter, running out of food was always a threat. But there were a few things you could be thankful

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New Study: Butter Protects Your Heart

Do you avoid “artery-clogging” butter because it’s pure saturated fat and a “recipe for a heart attack?” Since the 1920s when margarine and vegetable oils started replacing butter, Americans have slashed their butter consumption from an average of 19 pounds

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Is Your Multivitamin a Lifesaver or a Waste of Money?

Are you among the one-third of American adults who pop a daily multivitamin? Have you ever wondered whether it makes any difference at all in your health?  The truth is we don’t know much about the long-term effects of taking

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Would You Brush Your Teeth With Rat Poison?

Fluoride was the standard way to kill rats for over 40 years. Fluoride used to be a key ingredient in rat poison, and it’s still used in some pesticides. Yet we use it to “protect” our teeth. From the time

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Here’s a Heavy Metal You Need MORE of…

You’ve probably heard about toxic heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. These are the “bad guys.” They accumulate in your tissues and organs and can lead to cancer, kidney damage, rheumatoid arthritis, nervous system damage, and even death.  Mercury

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This Fruit Juice Beats Blood Pressure Drugs

Are you among the more than 20 million people taking a statin drug to lower your cholesterol? It wouldn’t be a surprise. Drugs like Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor and Pravachol are being prescribed to one out of every four Americans over

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Shield Yourself Against Heavy Metals

It’s in skin-lightening creams, amalgam fillings, even high fructose corn syrup… they use it in batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and even some jewelry. Mercury is poisonous, working by destroying your antioxidant defenses. Yet it’s in so many everyday things it

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Are You Getting Enough of this Deadly Killer?

Chances are your doctor has told you to cut back or even eliminate this ingredient from your cooking.  Maybe a loved one grabs it from your hands at the dinner table to save your life.  No doubt you’ve read about

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