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The Big Fat Lie That Can Wreck Your Heart

For some 60 years, it’s been the bedrock of nutrition and health. Just ask your doctor. He (or she) will tell you: Saturated fats raise your cholesterol. And that raises your risk of heart disease. And your chances of dying

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Statin Drugs – Over-hyped and Dangerous?

Insanity, the cliché says, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. But that’s exactly what mainstream medicine has been doing with cholesterol since the 2424. They lower the target for cholesterol numbers… push levels

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The Cholesterol Psychosis

Since 1988, mainstream medicine has adjusted the guidelines for cholesterol over and over. Each time, they don’t get the results they want. So they adjust again… and again. 1988… 1993… 2001… 2004… 2013… Each guideline falls short of the goal.

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How an Industry Effectively Wrote Off Your Health for 50 Years

It reads like a classic 1960s spy novel. A health crisis… a hidden agenda… scientists swayed to reach a pre-determined conclusion… a 50-year disinformation campaign… and you, dear reader, the pawns in an international high-stakes shell game. No, this isn’t

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This Fat Busts All The Myths About Fat

Back in the 1980’s, a consumer watchdog group made a fateful decision. Based on a lack of science, the group lobbied for a ban on “tropical oils.” And they were remarkably successful… which was very, very bad for your health.

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Why Exercise Doesn’t Trim Extra Pounds. You May Have to “Trick” Your Body into Dropping Weight

New research from the City University of New York shows why exercising more may not help you lose more weight. Your body adapts to the effort, and you become “stuck” at a certain weight. But a doctor in Florida says

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Aspartame is NOT Safe… and It’s NOT Natural

I’ve spent years as a medical researcher and worked side by side with some of the best alternative health doctors in the country. I’ve written dozens of articles on this one thing alone, and yet I still can’t convince my

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Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

Recently I told you about the benefits of digestive enzymes…. how they help you eliminate heartburn, gas, bloating and constipation. That’s a good reason to take a digestive enzyme with every meal.  But today I want to give you more

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Digestive Enzymes – Did cavemen get constipated?

If you lived on this planet thousands of years ago, life was full of hardship. Even if you were a successful hunter, running out of food was always a threat. But there were a few things you could be thankful

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New Study: Butter Protects Your Heart

Do you avoid “artery-clogging” butter because it’s pure saturated fat and a “recipe for a heart attack?” Since the 1920s when margarine and vegetable oils started replacing butter, Americans have slashed their butter consumption from an average of 19 pounds

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