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Cancer Pioneer’s 90-Year-Old Breakthrough Confirmed…

Imagine if we had understood one of the major drivers behind cancer 80 years ago. If we had we might have been able to drastically reduce the number of cancers. And slowed the growth of those that did occur. How

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Nature’s “Secret” Defense Against Cancer

Mainstream medicine wants you to think you only exotic drugs battle cancer. But there’s a simple, natural answer that blocks cancer from developing. Which could save you a lot of pain… and a fortune in treatment costs. This may explain

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Is This The New Cancer Killer?

In 2014, researchers grew breast cancer tumors in a group of lab mice. Then they exposed the tumors to a powerful anti-inflammatory. Growth slowed. Cancer cells began to die off. The tumors shrank. The compound the researchers used has no

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Starve Cancer Cells With This Supplement

Today I want to tell you how to starve cancer cells – with a supplement your doctor has probably never heard of.   Studies prove this natural product kills a long list of different cancers.  It’s not a cure.  But it does

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Thermography Predicts Breast Cancer 10 Years Before Mammograms

When my wife mentioned she wanted to schedule a mammogram, I realized we needed to have a talk. Of course, I support the idea of “early detection,” but based on all the most recent research, I don’t feel good about

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A Stunning Discovery…

This is a stunning discovery… Over 75 years ago, an American doctor identified a mysterious nutrient responsible for perfect teeth, unbelievable physical strength, and strong, lean bodies… while dramatically lowering the risk for chronic, life-threatening diseases. At the time, this

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Light Bulbs and Cancer

About a year ago, I alerted you to the dangers of fluorescent light bulbs and cancer. I uncovered a little-known study published in the medical journal The Lancet linking fluorescent office lighting with skin cancer.  At that time, I was

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Aspartame is NOT Safe… and It’s NOT Natural

I’ve spent years as a medical researcher and worked side by side with some of the best alternative health doctors in the country. I’ve written dozens of articles on this one thing alone, and yet I still can’t convince my

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Powerful Minerals to Promote Prostate Health

Prostate cancer cuts men down in their prime. Consider this: prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men in the U.S. And 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. But

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Is your cell phone cooking your brain?

Your cell phone sends out energy or radio waves that are very similar to the ones used by your microwave oven to reheat leftover pizza. Does that make you wonder what your cell phone might be doing to your brain?   

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