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Depression May Not Be All in Your Head…

A friend’s father was admitted to the hospital last week for severe depression.  For the last nine months, his doctors experimented on him with a series of pharmaceutical antidepressants. But those did nothing, except leave him with a bad case

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The Key Factor You Need for Better Memory

Do you know how you make memories? Whenever you do or learn something, your brain starts to rewire itself to make pathways back to that memory. To do this, tiny genes in your brain that are like little pieces of

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Lower Your Cholesterol – the Natural Way

“Lower your cholesterol” has been the #1 health advice for 20 years or more. The battle against cholesterol has been so aggressive, by 2010, 32 million Americans were taking statins, the drugs designed to lower cholesterol. That’s one out of

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Memory Pill: This One Makes You Smarter

In the movie, Limitless, Eddie Morra becomes super-smart by taking a pill. With this space-age memory pill, he can out-think anyone and everyone. It’s an interesting story line for a thriller. It’s even more interesting in real life. Yes, there

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Your Brain is Shrinking. How to Stop it.

Even as you read these words, your brain is shrinking. By the time you reach 80, your brain could be as much as 12% smaller than it was when you were 20. And that’s bad news.1 Bad news, because as

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