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The Alzheimer’s Treatment They Won’t Tell You About

Other than cancer, I can’t think of a diagnosis met with more fear than Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve heard it described as a death sentence for the mind. There’s no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease. But there is a treatment that

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Treatment May Reverse Effects of MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a devastating disease. In MS, the victim’s own immune system attacks nerves in their brain and spinal cord. This causes scarring that “short circuits” the nerves. The result can be pain, weakness, loss of bladder control,

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Is Your Multivitamin a Lifesaver or a Waste of Money?

Are you among the one-third of American adults who pop a daily multivitamin? Have you ever wondered whether it makes any difference at all in your health?  The truth is we don’t know much about the long-term effects of taking

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Is your cell phone cooking your brain?

Your cell phone sends out energy or radio waves that are very similar to the ones used by your microwave oven to reheat leftover pizza. Does that make you wonder what your cell phone might be doing to your brain?   

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Would You Brush Your Teeth With Rat Poison?

Fluoride was the standard way to kill rats for over 40 years. Fluoride used to be a key ingredient in rat poison, and it’s still used in some pesticides. Yet we use it to “protect” our teeth. From the time

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Why You Want a Fat Brain

The story is all over the news this week… headlines are sounding off that a new study finds  “Eating lots of carbs causes mental decline” and “High carb diet means cognitive impairment.” But while it’s good to know that eating

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Does Your Brain Have a Secret Sewage System?

Today I want to talk to you about a new way to keep your brain healthy, clean and free of toxins and waste. It has to do with nourishing your brain in a way that supports certain brain cells that

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Depression May Not Be All in Your Head…

A friend’s father was admitted to the hospital last week for severe depression.  For the last nine months, his doctors experimented on him with a series of pharmaceutical antidepressants. But those did nothing, except leave him with a bad case

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The Key Factor You Need for Better Memory

Do you know how you make memories? Whenever you do or learn something, your brain starts to rewire itself to make pathways back to that memory. To do this, tiny genes in your brain that are like little pieces of

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Lower Your Cholesterol – the Natural Way

“Lower your cholesterol” has been the #1 health advice for 20 years or more. The battle against cholesterol has been so aggressive, by 2010, 32 million Americans were taking statins, the drugs designed to lower cholesterol. That’s one out of

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