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The Awful Price of a Good Night’s Sleep

The 2016 election season delivered plenty of surprises. Winners and losers aside, there’s one surprise nobody saw coming. Doctors across the country reported a jump in the number of patients complaining of stress. The American Psychological Association reports more than

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Beat Depression… Without Drugs’ Side Effects

More than 6% of Americans suffer with depression. But only 1 in 5 of them ever receives treatment. One reason may be the side effects of antidepressant drugs. These drugs can leave you sluggish, dizzy, or sleepless. They can blur

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GABA Relieves Stress and Anxiety Safely

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, this story may provide you with a REAL solution.  You see GABA relieves stress and anxiety safely. Let me tell you about Scott Stossel. He’s the editor of The Atlantic magazine. And he

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Wild Flower Delivers Big Claim

When Europeans came to the New World over 500 years ago, the passionflower was already a well-established crop. Passionflowers provided many native cultures with food and medicine. Spanish explorers first reported seeing the plant in 1569. William Strachy, one of

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