Cancer Pioneer’s 90-Year-Old Breakthrough Confirmed…

Imagine if we had understood one of the major drivers behind cancer 80 years ago. If we had we might have been able to drastically reduce the number of cancers. And slowed the growth of those that did occur.

How many lives could we have saved? How much misery could we have avoided? Sadly, this isn’t just conjecture. Because new research confirms a cancer secret discovered more than 90 years ago.

In the early 1920s, Otto Warburg showed cancer cells are largely anaerobic. That is, they get most of their energy without using oxygen. Instead, they ferment sugar like some primitive one-celled organisms. Simply put, cancer loves sugar.

This may help explain why so many cancers are linked to obesity. And – as many experts are coming to believe – the answer to beating cancer is metabolic, rather than genetic.

Warburg’s work gave us clues to solving cancer almost a century ago. Sugar was one. But the other may be even more important. In fact, it may be the missing piece of the puzzle to avoiding or eliminating virtually all cancers.

How did the mainstream overlook this important information for so long? And what do you need to know to cut your cancer risk? Read on.

A Science Story Like No Other

Otto Warburg was born into a family of scientists. After earning a doctorate in chemistry and a medical degree, he was named to a post at Germany’s prestigious Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Just a few years before the rise of the Nazis.

Warburg’s father came from an Orthodox Jewish family. Under Nazi law, that meant he couldn’t hold a government job. But he was never arrested… or even fired. He was untouchable. Rumor has it Hitler himself gave the order.

Warburg won a Nobel Prize for his work. And was nominated dozens more times. That’s how important his peers considered his breakthroughs.

But with the discovery of DNA, cancer research moved towards finding a genetic solution. After all, cancer cells are mutants… and that requires changes to DNA. Warburg’s work fell out of favor.

But Belgian scientists recently demonstrated Warburg was right about cancer and sugar. This new research shows sugar feeds cancer growth. The more sugar a tumor can access, the more aggressive it becomes.

The genetic link has led us nowhere. But Warburg’s discoveries have taken on a new luster.

Is There a Two-Part Solution to Cancer?

Fermenting sugar to lactate is less efficient than cellular respiration (which requires oxygen). It creates just a fraction of the ATP – cellular fuel – that healthy cells make. But fermentation can convert large amounts of sugar at a rapid rate.

And this metabolic change has other advantages… for cancer cells. For example, it creates an acidic environment, which helps these rogue cells thrive.

Fermentation also activates Ras proteins – evolutionary holdovers that effect cell growth. Activation of Ras proteins favors rapid cell growth and division. Which is exactly what cancer cells need to spread.

Cutting off cancer’s sugar supply is half the battle against cancer. The other half is oxygen. Combining oxygen with glucose (sugar) is the normal process that creates ATP – your cells’ fuel source.

But fermentation doesn’t like oxygen. That’s why making wine or beer involves allowing yeast to ferment sugars away from oxygen. If you don’t block oxygen from the process, the fermentation fails.

Defeating cancer doesn’t just involve choking off the supply of sugar. Warburg’s research shows you must also flood your body with oxygen.

Is This the Key to Life Without Cancer?

The new Belgian study shows half of Otto Warburg’s work was on track. More sugar equals more aggressive tumors. Sugar feeds fermentation… oxygen fuels healthy cellular respiration.

So how do you slash your risk? You can limit your intake of sugars and starches. That’s the easy part. But how do you flood your body with oxygen?

To answer that question, I wrote a book… “Life Without Cancer.”

I scoured hundreds of sources… cross-referenced scores of studies… and dug into long-overlooked archives. The result is a clear revelation of how oxygen can help you beat cancer.

The mainstream wasted almost 100 years chasing the wrong issues. Now we have further proof Otto Warburg was right.

Why not take the next step and embrace his solution? Life Without Cancer breaks down Warburg’s work… the Cancer Industry’s campaign to keep his life’s work hidden… and simple ways to put Warburg’s discoveries to work for you.

So why not click here to get the whole story? I promise you’ll be 100/% satisfied, or I’ll refund your investment… up to 30 days.

After nearly a century, the mainstream is finally taking Warburg seriously. But don’t expect quick action. After all, cancer treatment is their cash cow. Click here now to discover Life Without Cancer.

About the Author: Jason Kennedy is a celebrated investigative health writer and the author of The X-Factor Revolution and Beyond the Blue Zone. With over 10 years of experience working with today’s leading alternative and anti-aging doctors, Jason shares his insider status and access to the latest breakthroughs with thousands of readers from around world.

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