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What You Must Know Before You Cut Carbs

A large new study has just confirmed what I’ve been saying for years: Mainstream medicine’s diet advice is largely bunk. I recently wrote to you about how saturated fats aren’t the main culprits in heart disease… sugar is. Now this

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This Dirty Drug Secret Plays Russian Roulette With Your Health

Imagine for a moment you need a car. You have a certain model in mind. It’s absolutely perfect: price, performance, and features. But the dealer only has one in stock… and it has no windshield. “Look,” the salesman says, “buy

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The Big Fat Lie That Can Wreck Your Heart

For some 60 years, it’s been the bedrock of nutrition and health. Just ask your doctor. He (or she) will tell you: Saturated fats raise your cholesterol. And that raises your risk of heart disease. And your chances of dying

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Nature’s “Secret” Defense Against Cancer

Mainstream medicine wants you to think you only exotic drugs battle cancer. But there’s a simple, natural answer that blocks cancer from developing. Which could save you a lot of pain… and a fortune in treatment costs. This may explain

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You’re in Big Pharma’s Cross Hairs Again

There’s a good reason if you sometimes feel like you have a target on your back. You do. Big Pharma put you in their sights back in November 2013. That’s when the latest cholesterol guidelines were published. The expansion would

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This Insurance Industry Secret Could Condemn You to Death

What do you look for in a healthcare plan? If you’re like most people, price is your number one concern. That’s only natural. Very few people expect to get cancer or have a heart attack. But they clearly see the

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Common Chemicals Boost Men’s Risk of Heart Disease and More

Imagine a group of chemicals that protect cancer cells and help them proliferate. That are toxic to your heart. That damages semen quality – even in healthy men. Next, imagine these chemicals have been linked to heart disease, high blood

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The Village That Beats Okinawa for Longevity

You’ve probably heard the stories: The centenarian who credits their long life to eating bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes for breakfast every day… or the one who’s smoked a pack a day for most of their life. These make for

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This “Banned” Chemical Is Still In Use… And a Potential Threat to Your Health

When is a ban not a ban? How about when a banned substance is still legally out there… and still potentially adding to a growing health crisis. You probably saw last year’s headlines, when the Food and Drug Administration banned

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Two Simple Ways to Slow Aging

How many times have you heard someone joke about “getting their resveratrol” as they pour a second – or third – glass of wine? It’s an old joke… but I still hear it all the time at dinner parties. What

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